Scenic San Diego.

Tell us how you relax...

Do you spend time with the wildlife? Are you a hunter or a farmer? Is there a place you go to bring you closer to nature?

Perhaps you spend your time in the woods? Are you a hiker, or an adventurer ? Perhaps looking out over a valley brings you to life?

Maybe you stick to the concrete jungles of our city? Are you a photographer? or perhaps a drone pilot?

About us

This is true relaxation from the pace of the city

We all work hard every day to take care of our needs and the needs of our families, and in doing so sometimes we don't have the time we need to get outside and find new places on our own. Here we can create a collective knowledge of amazing places to visit and incredible activities to participate in!

We are a small group of outdoor enthusiasts, and we hope to create a community where others with similar interests can come together and share experiences, give ideas for new adventures, and spread the wealth of living a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle.